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Our Mission

Good Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization that has been in continuous operation since 1999 in the Dallas / Ft Worth area.  We focus on rescue, rehabilitation & rehoming German Shepherd Dogs.  All dogs in our program are in private foster homes. We provide medical care for gravely ill / injured dogs, spay / neuter, microchip, vaccinate, deworm, heartworm test & heartworm treat if applicable.

Our Tenets

First and foremost, "IT'S ABOUT THE DOGS".  While we can't save them all, we do our best for those we can.  Each day is full of urgency, stress, competing priorities, crazy logistics, ever changing plans, heartbreak, joy and more. It makes our heads spin!

Our History

A single unwanted puppy was the start of the rescue.  Deemed to not have full potential by a breeder, he was adopted into a family, who then started to rescue more precious souls that deserved a second chance.

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