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abandoned dogs left with her leash after breeding
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Abandoned dogs

Rescue Catastrophe

The current situation in Texas for discarded animals is catastrophic.  Animal shelters & rescues are buried with requests for stray, dumped & surrendered dogs in unprecedented numbers. The onslaught gets worse every day. The entire system is utterly & completely overwhelmed.


Municipal Shelters:

. Have limited capacity. They simply cannot keep dogs indefinitely

. Most are closed to immediate intake due to high volume, requiring owner surrenders to be wait listed

. Dogs are being euthanized daily, in numbers not seen before, due to the vicious cycle

. You can’t blame the shelters, they are required to deal with the increasing cycle of throw away pets, by whatever means necessary in their municipality


. Dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors are being dumped in rural & urban areas

. Puppies not sold by back yard breeders as they get older

. Owners delayed by shelters closed to intake

. Many dumped dogs are hit by vehicles, attacked by other animals, eat harmful items & have no idea how to fend for themselves

. Good Samaritans often try to help, but are not usually in a position to provide care

Owner Surrenders:

. Not willing / able to deal with dog’s health / behavioral issues

. Owner deceased or incapable of continuing care with no family member willing to take on the dog

. Housing restrictions, family changes, financial issues & any number of other scenarios


. Fosters are THE MOST LIFE SAVING ROLE in rescue

. Most rescues are in-home based without a facility

. Without a foster, there is no place for a dog to go

. Adoptions are slow everywhere

. Without enough adoptions & new fosters, a rescue cannot expand capacity



PLEASE, reach out to the shelter or rescue of your choice. They need your help. The dogs need your help. The situation gets more dire every day.

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