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Apply to Adopt

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Step 1

Download a copy of the application to complete on your own device or copy & paste the information below into an email.  

Step 2
Vet Records

Attach latest vet records for your current (or most recent) pet(s) that include vaccinations, heartworm test and proof of purchase of heartworm preventative. 

Step 3
Rental Authorization

Renting? You must provide documentation from your landlord authorizing that German Shepherds are allowed on the property.

Step 4

Email the completed application, vet records & rental authorization (if applicable) to:


Applications must be completed electronically.  We do not accept a hand written application, PDF or any image format.
We do not need a full medical history and we do NOT call your veterinarian.
You will not be contacted for a phone interview until all of the required information has been received. Please note that priority is given to homes with previous German Shepherd experience

Copy and Paste Option

Adult 1

  • Name:    

  • Phone - Home:   

  • Phone - Cell:   

  • Occupation:   

  • Personal e-mail address:   

  • Year of Birth:    

Adult 2

  • Name:    

  • Phone - Home:   

  • Phone - Cell:   

  • Occupation:   

  • Personal e-mail address:   

  • Year of Birth:    


  • Ages of minor children living at or frequently visiting your home:   


  • Home Address / City / ST / Zip:   

  • County (e.g. Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, etc): 

  • Own or Rent? 

  • If you rent, provide Landlord’s documentation stating German Shepherds are allowed at the property:

Home Environment

  • Height & type of fencing:    

  • Will anybody be home during the day?  How many hours?    

  • Where will your dog be kept during the day & night?   

  • How much time will you spend per day with your dog?   


Veterinarian Who Has Seen Your Current or Former Pet(s) 

  • Name of Vet:   

  • Name of Clinic:   

  • City / State:   

  • Phone number:   


Personal references (not family members) 

  1. Name, phone, email:  

  2. Name, phone, email:  


German Shepherd Experience   

  • What is your previous German Shepherd experience?  


Adoption Goals

  • What are you looking for in a German Shepherd?   

  • Why do you want a German Shepherd vs another breed?  

  • Describe the age, gender, characteristics & temperament of the German Shepherd you are looking for:    


CURRENT Dogs & Cats - Copy & Repeat This Section For EACH PET

  • Type of Animal Name:  

  • Breed / size:  

  • # of years owned:  

  • Age:  

  • Male / Female:  

  • Spayed / Neutered:  

  • Inside / Outside:  


PREVIOUS Dogs & Cats (within last 10 years)​


Additional Information

  • Provide any additional information you would like to share about your home & family.  

We love seeing photos of your pets, please feel free to add.  


By submitting this application, I hereby certify that the information on this application is true.

Thank you for taking the time to help us find the best GSD for your home as well as the best home for each GSD.

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