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Interested in Fostering?  It is the most life saving role in Rescue!

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  • Fosters must reside in the greater DFW area in order to be accessible to our veterinarians and adopters 
  • Start with the Adoption Application process
  • Let us know you are interested in fostering when emailing the completed Application & supporting documentation
  • Why is this information necessary? 
    • We need to know about your environment, other animals in your home and experience before placing a foster with you
  • What is involved if I am fostering?
    • You care for the dog as if it is your own

    • We pay for authorized veterinary care

    • Transport to/from Veterinary appointments, Adoption Events and arranged meet and greets with pre-approved adopters

    • We provide preventative for heartworms, fleas and ticks

    • We provide any necessary supplies

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