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Our Tenets

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Our Tenets

First and foremost, "IT'S ABOUT THE DOGS".  While we can't save them all, we do our best for those we can.  Each day is full of urgency, stress, competing priorities, crazy logistics, ever changing plans, heartbreak, joy and more. It makes our heads spin!


How do we do it? Teamwork! We have THE BEST VILLAGE ANYWHERE with a common vision and mission.  We are often referred to as being a “Hive Mind”. To achieve our goals, we concentrate to:

Collaborate, Cooperate, Coordinate and Communicate with Each Other

Recognize our limits Physically, Financially and Emotionally

We can’t help the dogs if we burn out or over extend

Recognize Volunteer Time is Discretionary

Help Each Other and Likewise ASK FOR HELP if Needed

Juggle Changing and Competing Priorities

Evaluate incoming dogs for Adoptability

Be Adaptable and Flexible

Respect for Each Member

Agree to Disagree



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