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We need your support

There are many ways to support our mission.  You can help us continue for years to come by supporting us through donations, fostering, or give back programs.  check out the links below and sign up to support Good Shepherd Rescue.
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German Shepherds (GSDs) are loving & loyal companions, who provide comfort & security to those privileged enough to share their friendship & love

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Help us by becoming a Foster and/or Volunteer!

We are always looking for help at our rescue, contact us today to learn more on what you can do.

Other ways to support the mission

There are many ways to support the rescue and our mission.  Shop our Amazon or Chewy wish lists.  Donate via PayPal.  Or sign up for any of these other give back programs and select Good Shepherd Rescue as the beneficiary

Wish Lists

Shop our wish lists to support.  Every little bit helps.

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Sanctuary Dogs

We have German Shepherds who have been in our program more than a year & will likely spend their entire lifetime with us

Come from puppy mills
Suffered extreme trauma, neglect &/or major health issues
Cannot be adopted pets

Please consider making a donation to contribute to the support of our beloved Sanctuary Dogs

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