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Owner Surrender & Found Dogs

There continues to be a literal TSUNAMI of dogs being surrendered & dumped. Shelters are overflowing, which means space decisions for euthanization have to be made.  We receive so many surrender requests that we are not always able to respond to each one.


All Good Shepherd Rescue dogs are fostered in homes with other German Shepherds in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area.  We are not a shelter & do not have a facility. 




We cannot consider if the dog:


.  Is not located in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area

.  Does not look like a purebred German Shepherd Dog

.  Must be immediately removed from your home

.  Has significant behavior problems

.  Does not get along with other dogs (all our foster homes have other GSDs)

.  Has a bite history




If you find a loose dog you should:


.  Scan for a microchip (most pet stores / vets / shelters can help)

.  Follow the instructions on:




.  Report as found to shelters within a 5 mile radius

.  Post on Nextdoor & any FaceBook lost & found pet pages


A stray dog does not necessarily equal a dumped dog.  Every owner must be given an opportunity to reclaim their pet. Anybody who has lost a dog will first check with the nearest shelter, which is why we require any “found” dog to go through the proper stray hold before we will consider it.


Specifics About Dog & How to Network


We recommend you create a public Facebook post & include as much of the following information as possible:


.  Name -

.  Age -

.  Gender -

.  Spayed / Neutered - yes or no

.  Current on Vaccinations - yes or no

.  Current on Heartworm Preventative - yes or no

.  Other Health Issues -

.  Personality -

.  Good with Dogs (what sizes) -

.  Good with Cats -

.  Good with Children (what ages) -

.  Good with People -

.  Weight -

.  Microchipped - yes or no

.  Crate Trained - yes or no

.  House Trained - yes or no

.  Your City & ZIP Code -

.  Your Name, Email & Phone -

.  How long can you hang onto the dog? 

.  How long have you had the dog? 

.  Where did you get the dog? 

.  Do you have vet records?

.  Reason for Surrender -

PHOTOS - attach views that include head (with ears up) & full body.



This post will provide the necessary information for rescue networking & your own efforts at rehoming.


Good Shepherd Rescue Intake


The process for accepting dogs into our program:


.  ALL information above must be submitted to

.  Dog must be personally evaluated by one of our volunteers

.  Any / all vet records must be provided before we will schedule an evaluation

.  If the dog passes the evaluation, you must be able to keep the dog until a foster becomes available; or be willing to self-foster until the dogs is adopted

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